Lars, the founder of AVATAY, has been involved in medicinal herbalism for many years. In this context, he first dealt with treatment methods and the use of cannabis in various healing applications. He set himself the goal to make the power of plants and their ingredients better usable by humans.
For us at AVATAY  it is especially important to use natural ingredients in our diet, to place more emphasis on herbs, vegetables and fruits, and to avoid refined products. Our product AVATAY ADIUVA is exactly that: a naturally pure active plant juice, which does ohne künstlichen Konservierungsstoffe, Alkohol oder Ähnliches auskommt.
AVATAY stands for conscious and healthy living. It is close to our heart to act ecologically and to think one step further when it comes to sustainability. Therefore we are in constant exchange with experts and like to inform and research various approaches and new ideas.
We provide products such as Erzgebirgstee, Lavender oil, Epsom salt, Calendula ointment in pharmacy quality and are constantly looking for products to expand our range, so that there is something for everyone.