Our goal is to make the power of plants and their ingredients more usable by humans. Our products consist of unique combinations of valuable nutrients to increase your well-being and provide you with many healthy secondary plant substances. In doing so, you will not compromise with AVATAY ADIUVA.

Our promise:


Valuable nutrients

When it comes to the ingredients in our products, we place a lot of emphasis on natural ingredients. Our products are rich in secondary plant compounds, vitamins and minerals. Secondary plant compounds have many positive effects in the organism. For example, they scavenge free radicals (have an antioxidant effect), stimulate the immune system (have an immunomodulatory effect), have an anti-inflammatory effect, and have positive effects on cognitive abilities.



To operate with as little plastic as possible, we primarily use paper, cardboard, glass and recycled materials for our packaging.



Not only do we have high standards for our packaging and use ecological materials, but our actions within the company also focus on plastic avoidance, reuse and prudence.



To provide your body with everything it needs to maintain its normal functions, we carefully select products of the highest quality. We pay attention not only to the product itself, but also to the producer, the production and the supply chain.